Dr. David grew up in his Ukrainian parents restaurant , not far from St. Catharine's , Ontario. He spent much of his time singing in choirs and playing music. He is a natural born story teller and if you give him time he will tell you all about the amazing work God has done and continues to do in his life . However his whole life almost went another direction, if it wasn't for his father having a divine appointment from the Lord. David's father said to David after this and said: 

"If you don't go know now, you wont go and you be something else."

So he Dr. David  earned four degrees, including a Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Regent College in Vancouver and a Doctoral degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary . He became a Lead Pastor for 30+ years, has preached in 17 countries to crowds large and small, teaching on such topics as Healing Prayer, Prayerful Discernment, Spiritual Gifts and their use, and Unearthing the Depths of the Lord’s Prayer. 

His writing career started because he himself had a vision from God after he had stumbled upon an article that he just didn't agree with. He laid the article down and cried out to God,  and he received a clear message that read

 "You will write to correct the teaching that has been wrongly stated." That is how it started! 

He now lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada and is married to Elizabeth, has two adult children, plays the piano for fun, and lets his 14-pound dog take him for a walk from time to time.